The High Vibes Concept

Yes, the designs are 'mirrored'. Here's why...


At High Vibes Reflect, we're all about embracing Spiritual and metaphysical ideas, believing that being in a 'high vibration state' is crucial for creating the life you want.


Let's get a bit sciencey for a moment - vibration isn't just some woo-woo concept.


In physics, energy is all about particles like protons, neutrons and electrons doing their dance, creating vibrations.


This movement of particles generates oscillating waves and the basic idea is that the vibes of atoms determine the energy of a substance.


Now, here's where it gets interesting…


Dr. David R. Hawkins and the Institute of Noetic Sciences did this groundbreaking study using Applied Kinesiology.


They found an energy field tied to different emotions, calling it a "consciousness field."


They measured it on a scale, showing fear and anger at lower frequencies, and love and joy at higher ones, creating a spectrum from shame (20Hz) to enlightenment (a high state of human consciousness)(700Hz+).

At High Vibes Reflect, we use positive messages to amp up this higher vibrational state.


Words carry energy that can affect your overall well-being.


If you want to get into a better mood, seeing uplifting words and affirmations can crank up your vibes.


It can shift your thinking, pull in good things and get those positive feelings flowing within you.


It encourages individuals to focus on the good aspects of their lives, promoting gratitude and a positive outlook.


This shift in focus can help redirect energy away from negative or destructive thoughts.


According to the Universal Laws, the vibes you put out there attract similar energies back to you.


It's like a magnet for awesome experiences. 


So when you put on a High Vibes Reflect shirt and see the words easily readable (whenever you are in front of a mirror or a reflective wall or taking a selfie on your phone), empowerment starts with you.


And when you are feeling awesome, you are able to spread those good vibes to the people around you.