Our Story

High Vibes Reflect, a brand born out of a personal quest for inspiration and self-improvement.


Founder Mark Flores' journey began with a simple desire to wear shirts with motivating words, only to be thwarted by the frustrating experience of seeing them reversed in the mirror.


Driven by the need to overcome this obstacle, Mark envisioned a solution that extended beyond the gym walls.


Recognising the transformative power of positive affirmations, he drew inspiration from his wife, Kim, an award-winning calligraphy artist who inscribed the uplifting phrase 'Yes You Can' on their home gym mirror.


The impact was profound, fueling Mark's motivation every time he laid eyes on it.


For Mark, the influence of inspiring messages wasn't confined to workout sessions.


Envision the power of positivity greeting you at the start of your day, framing your reflection in the bathroom mirror, or serving as a reassuring mantra before bedtime.


Mark is a firm believer in cultivating a high vibrational state to attract the desires of life.


Enter High Vibes Reflect, a brand that transcends conventional apparel. More than just a shirt, each design serves as a mirror reflecting boundless potential.


Our commitment to empowerment is evident in every stitch and detail, with designs meticulously hand-customised by Mark's wife Kimlligraphy, an award-winning calligraphy artist from Sydney, Australia. 


High Vibes Reflect embodies a lifestyle that extends beyond fashion – it is a daily reminder to embrace confidence, motivation, self-improvement and unwavering focus.


We invite you to join this journey where apparel becomes a conduit for personal growth and the mirror reflects not just an image but a mindset of positivity and limitless possibilities.


Radiate good vibes, stay stylish.